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Wasted Blessings

There are few things more satisfying than the sight of a full refrigerator. There is a comfort in knowing that whenever hunger strikes, you have plenty of food and a plethora of options.  However, I recently determined that staring at my refrigerator’s bare shelves can be gratifying in another way.

Over the last few weeks, my contempt of grocery shopping and attempts to cut back on spending caused me to do some creative digging in the fridge.  I ran out of fresh fruit and realized I had frozen strawberries to mix into my yogurt.  No pre-cooked chicken breast for salad? No problem, I defrosted and cooked chicken cutlets that were sitting in the freezer for months.  Not enough spinach spaghetti? Apparently it mixes with whole wheat pasta just fine.

None of these are spectacular culinary creations.  However, that is precisely the point. Sometimes our view is so limited by the way we have always used things that we fail to notice the opportunities staring us in the face.  It takes a deliberate effort to work with what you already have to realize that you often don’t need more so much as you need a change in perspective.

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