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Peeling Back the Layers – Part 2

During the month of November, I participated in the 30 Layers 30 Days Writing Challenge. These are my postings from the second half of the challenge. View postings from the first half in Part 1.

Day 16: Describe Him                                                                                                  Day 17: Rather Not Know

img_0294        img_0301

Day 18: Endings                                                                                                       Day 19: Too Little, Too Late

img_0304                                     img_0389

Day 20: Six Months Ago                                                                                        Day 21: Not Here to Stay

img_0393                              img_0401

Day 22: Pillow Talk                                                                                                       Day 23: Use Me

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Day 25: The Unexpected                                                                                                   Day 26: Moonlight

img_0452                 img_0462

Day 27: It’s Complicated


If you asked me months ago, I would have described our relationship as complicated. While I recognized a few attributes, I was focused on what I considered failings. I was disappointed that it did not respond to my touch, frustrated by what I perceived as its high-maintenance neediness.
But when I began to demand less and listen more, my hair opened up to me. When I abandoned comparison and harsh criticisms, when I learned to speak its love language, it blossomed in ways I could not have imagined.
Our relationship is neither perfect nor complicated. It is a process of learning and loving, a journey to acceptance.


Day 28: A Magical Morning                                                                                                      Day 29: Secret Strength

img_0478       img_0479

Day 30: How to Love Her  


If you happened to notice, I skipped Day 24. I could not think of anything and I am learning to make peace with the days/times in which, basically, I got nothin’.

Photo by Simone Dalmari, Unsplash.

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