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Purpose: The Point of it All

I don’t mean to be hard on this group of teenage girls because I’m sure they just wanted to put on a good show. Also, having attended numerous games back in the day, I know that cheerleaders sometimes dip out a little early to prepare for their halftime routine. However, because they were gone for an especially long time (and the other team’s cheerleaders were not), and perhaps because of my current life struggles, it left quite the impression on me.

“I think they forgot their purpose,” I told my mother.

We are all guilty because it is incredibly easy to do. We get caught up in fun, elaborate projects and activities that require a significant amount of our time and drain our energy. When we finish, our purpose taps us on the shoulder and says, “That was cute and all. But what about me?”

I talk quite a bit about dream chasing, but perhaps the pursuit of purpose is more appropriate. Sometimes dreams can be misguided and far-fetched. Purpose, however, is the point of it all. It is the reason we were placed on this Earth in the first place. It is our life’s mission, should we choose to accept it.

We need balanced lives in order to be happy. By all means, we should enjoy hobbies and interests. Chase a dream or two. Put on a flashy show when we have time. But not to the extent that we neglect our purpose.

Those teenage girls schooled me in life just in time for the New Year. As we round out our first week of 2014, many of us have made New Year’s resolutions, designed colorful dream boards, and written a list of carefully chosen goals. However, while we’re busy making plans, we have to make a conscious effort not to forget the point of it all. Pursue your purpose.

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